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Q. Will it work with my Samsung Galaxy Note?

A. Yes, it works very well with all the Galaxy Note models including the Note 4.

Q. What is the ball thing for?

A. It's a counter weight. It helps keep the adapter in the horizontal filming position, when mounted on a single eyepiece optic like a telescope.

Q. How can I stop the mount arms from pressing the phones side buttons?

A. To give the buttons some clearence add a layer or 2 of padding to the arms, around the buttons.

Q. Why are my videos so shaky?

A. Any camera with a long lens will be susceptible to camera shake, and it's especially noticable with videos. Using a tripod with a fluid video head will produce much better results.

Q. Will it work with a rifle scope?

A. Snapzoom is not compatible with rifle scopes because the eye relief is too long for the adapter to work properly.